The Autumn in Prettau

When the days are getting shorter and the nights are already cooler, the summer draws to a close and autumn begins. September brings our valley a period of fine weather. A walking tour in the chilly morning hours refreshes our hearts and souls. It is a pleasant feeling when the first shafts of sunlight appear as a sign that it is going to be a cloudless day. Upon arrival at a peak, the distant view is overwhelming and nature is promising beauty with the autumnal colours of red, brown and yellow. On the alpine pastures (Alm) the cattle, sheep, goats and hourses are still grazing on the last grasses while the dairy farmers are preparing to bring the animals back to the valley farms before cold sets in. Bringing the animals back to their farms in the valley is a very old and continuing tradition in many parts of the Alps and it is called "Almabtrieb". The cows are highly decorated with flowers by their proud owners and parade through the town to much clapping, cheering and music.

At times the first snow falls overnight. After that it is especially cozy to sit by the wood fired oven while enjoying a good glass of wine and a traditional farmer's meal.