The Winter in Prettau

During winter, Prettau presents an idyllic scene. Because this northernmost Italian village extends right to the main alpine ridge, we always have large and reliable falls of snow, thus extending the snow season.

At this time we have many outdoor activities too. Within striking distance (1km) there is a 10km long cross country ski run and an ice-skating rink. Several walking tracks lead to the famous place of pilgrimage, Saint Spirit and to romantic chalets which invite walkers to stop for a bite to eat and drink. Those keen to sled will have a lot of fun at the sled run. As well, there are two Ski-Resorts (Skiworld Ahrntal), Klausberg about 10 minutes away by car and Speikboden, about 30 minutes away.

The beautiful end of the valley around Saint Spirit offers a perfect starting point for people who are keen on ski-touring. Our mountain region will provide excellent conditions whether the snow is powder or firm. Among other options , we recommend a tour to the peak of "Ahrnerkopf 3050m high", to the saddle "Krimmler Tauern" with its mountain "Schöntalkopf 2774m high", as well as to the saddle "Heilig Geist Jöchel 2662m high". A tour in firm snow to the peak of "Rauchkofel 3.250m high" makes your heart beat faster. However, a less challenging and safer ski-tour takes you up to the hut "Stegeralm" and further on to the alpine pasture at 2.300m high. The most popular and perhaps also the most beautiful ski-tour goes through the valley "Röttal" or "Windtal" up to the hut "Lenkjöchelhütte 2.600m high" and further on to the mountain peak "Rötspitze 3.290m high". The peak "Dreiherrenspitze 3.499m high" is the most famous high alpine ski-tour for especially experienced ski-tourers.