The Summer in Prettau

In the middle of June the summer finally begins as the short spring vanishes and nature moves on. In the last weeks of June the mountains of Prettau are in full magnificent bloom and the hillsides are covered with Alpine Rose and many other mountain flowers, turning this landscape into a real paradise. The warmest summer months, July and August invite hikers and mountain climbers to enjoy the quite of nature. In Prettau there are many high tracks such as the "Lausitzerweg", the track up to the hut "Birnlücke", the track across the hut " Lenkjöchelhütte" from the valley "Röttal" to the valley "Windtal", or the solitary high track from the hut "Rötalm" to the hut "Stegeralm".

A hike to the high mountain lake "Waldnersee" makes a Holiday in Prettau an unforgettable memory. Mountaineers have the opportunity to reach the mountains around Prettau by hiking on beautiful and sometimes challenging tracks. Mountains highly regarded by mountaineers are the "Rötspitze", the "Dreiherrenspitze", the "Ahrnerkopf", the "Rauchkofel" and the "Schöntalkopf". In addition, the high alpine and border crossing hiking tracks take you to the nearby valleys "Zillertal", "Krimmlertal" or to the village "Defreggen" in East-Tirol. Other adventurous leisure time facilities recommended for our sporty guests are the natural climbing walls, the tree walks and rafting.